I’m going to try something a little different this review. “Deadpool” is a song off an upcoming mixtape from independent artist “MF SPAID” out of Grand Rapids MI ( which ive found some really good music from as of late ie. Ajax
Stacks). The song is an onslaught of multiple syllables which dive into the
Marvel universe to display his intricate wordplay of the aforementioned Anti
Hero. I WISH I could count the numerous “easter eggs” dropped in this song but my knowledge only goes as far as watching this movie in the theater. With
that said that’s where i become disappointed. I can’t follow this songs content! Which is unfortunate as there is a lyric video on his Facebook account ( facebookcm/mfspaid! Sometimes you can do too much and not enough at the same time. But the song definitely shows his ability to flex his lyricism. This to be released mixtape named Rock and Rye could be a nice starting point. But im not sure if the “New Era” listeners will be attracted to this sort of content. Worth a listen if your into nerds and comics though.dp-promo